Councils gear up for Super Sunday bike counts

As the weather warms up and becomes more enjoyable for riding and walking, Bicycle Network Super Sunday volunteers will be ready and waiting to tally the numbers as we move closer to summer.

Super Sunday counts take place each November and record information about weekend users of off-road paths. This includes bike riders, walkers, runners, e-scooter riders and dog walkers to paint a picture of recreational trail use.

Councils from around the country are preparing for this year’s Super Sunday count on 12 November. The data collected informs councils on how their paths and trails are being used and what improvements can be made.

This informs their planning and active transport policies with the goal of developing infrastructure that encourages physical activity and sustainable ways for Australians to get around.

Super Sunday counts are conducted by Bicycle Network members and volunteers, who receive a $120 donation for their time to go towards either a club, organisation or charity of their choosing or a one-year Bicycle Network membership.

For those interested in volunteering, you can register your interest here. Bicycle Network will confirm the available sites around the country and the participating councils in October. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

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