Anti-lock braking for e-bikes

Bringing a heavy e-bike to a rapid stop on a slippery road can be a nerve-wracking – or worse – experience for riders who have embraced the electric-assist world.

So can the opposite: over-braking on a grippy surface can lift the rear wheel and send a rider over the handlebars.

A new anti-lock braking system for e-bikes aims to take the worry and the risk of both crash scenarios out of the equation.

The latest Bosch eBike ABS senses when the speed of the front and rear wheels differ and intervenes to release or limit the braking pressure of the hydraulic disk system on the front wheel. The sensors measure the speed of the wheels in just a few milliseconds.

Different models are available for different types of bikes, including cargo bikes, mountain bikes and everyday city riding.

Bosch was a pioneer in ABS, first for cars, then motorcycles and now e-bikes. This new e-bike system is less than half the weight and size of its predecessor, making it more convenient for use by the bike industry.

A special feature for riders is the ability to tutor themselves on braking technique by using data collected by the ABS system.

If the front brake is used, the braking distance and braking time are recorded and can be displayed on the brake system display. This gives riders a sense of how a different surface can affect braking distance.

The Bosch eBike ABS is available for brake components from Magura, TRP and Tektro.

Incorrect braking is one of the main causes of bike crashes, according to Bosch research; "The front wheel brake on a bicycle is crucial for a short braking distance, But many people avoid using this because they are afraid of falling due to the high braking effect," says CEO of Bosch eBike Systems Claus Fleischer.

"The Bosch eBike ABS specifically counteracts this by significantly reducing the risk of falling or being thrown over the handlebar.”

Up to 29 percent of all accidents involving pedelecs could be reduced, or completely prevented, each year if all pedelecs had reliable ABS, Bosch says.

The anti-lock feature is able to be switched on and off depending on rider preference.

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