Key Sydney bike route opens
A key piece of Sydney's bike puzzle is in place, and riders travelling through the Kingsford region have a relaxing new route to the city. 
The Randwick City Council has opened the first section of what will eventually be a 2.8km route between Kingsford and Centennial Park, made up of two-way cycleways and new and improved shared paths.
The new section runs between the intersection of Houston Road and Barker Street, along Day Avenue and Doncaster Avenue, then finishes at Todman Avenue. 
Up next will be a 700m section between Todman Avenue and Alison Road, along Doncaster Avenue, which is expected to open before the end of the year. 
Randwick Mayor Philipa Veitch says the project, which required 52 driveway upgrades, 960m of stormwater pipes, 37 pram/cycle ramps, four new pedestrian crossings and upgraded traffic signals, has been challenging.  
"But we now have a critical piece of cycling and walking infrastructure between Kingsford and the city, making it easier and safer for those who choose to ride. We know that more people will ride once there is safe and convenient infrastructure in place."
A third section is planned to the south, which will eventually create a continuous 2.8km bike route connecting to the Centennial Park Cycleway at Alison Road and a planned cycelway between South Coogee and Kingsford. 
“I will also be advocating that the cycleway be extended south to connect with the Kingsford light rail terminus and council’s future South Coogee to Kingsford cycleway as originally planned,” Veitch says. 

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