Haymarket Roundabout
Pelham demolition needs caution

Major demolition activity begins this week at the old City Ford site at Haymarket Roundabout, and there will be increasing truck traffic in the vicinity until mid-December.

Access for pedestrians and bike riders will be maintained around the work site, however, at times localised diversions will be in place.

Signs and traffic controllers will be in place to direct pedestrians and bike riders safely around the work area.

Elizabeth Street is a busy southbound bike route into the CBD, so riders will need to be alert to the changed conditions in the area.

Making the adjustment now is wise, as the location (especially the corner at Pelham Street) will be a hectic conflict point for bike riders over the coming years until the Grattan Street underground station is built.

As well as all the cars and buses using Pelham St while Grattan Street is closed, there will be large volumes of Metro Tunnel construction trucks turning into Pelham Street from next year.

As always with trucks, riders need to recognise that drivers have limited vision from the cabin, so make sure you position yourself so the driver gets a chance to see you.

The existing buildings at the City Ford site will be demolished and used to accommodate construction equipment and materials lay-down, as well as a holding/parking area for trucks working on the Parkville and State Library stations.

The dedicated holding area reduces the time trucks need to spend idle on local roads while waiting to access the Grattan Street and State Library work sites.