Bicycle Network E-bike Expo spreads the love

Electric bikes are slowly increasing in popularity but a lot of people don’t know about their benefits, which is why we’ve organised an E-bike Expo on Sunday 18 November at the Regatta Grounds.

Running 10am until 2pm, the free expo offers the chance to talk directly to Hobart’s major e-bike retailers and ride a variety of e-bikes.

Bike Ride (Cranke), Ride Bellerive, Teros, Coogans, JJ Bikes Furey, Electric Horseman, Australian Electric Vehicle Association, Cycling without Age, Aroma Roama will all be there on the day.

The grassed surface means riders can feel comfortable about having a go on a bike if it’s been a while since they’ve been on two wheels.

There’ll be a wide variety of bikes to try, from entry-level commuter style bikes up to high-tech mountain bikes.

Most of the bikes will be the pedelec e-bikes which provide up to 200 watts (with throttle) or 250 watts of power and can be ridden in all the places a pushbike can. There will also be e-bikes that are more powerful than this, which can only be ridden if they are registered.   

Experienced e-bike riders will also be on hand with their bikes as part of a show-n-tell where they’ll be available to answer questions. If you are an e-bike rider and want to take part in the show-n-tell, please contact our social rides leader Di Eliffe on 0411671652.

E-bikes are a viable choice for people who want to ride for transport as riders sweat less, can easily get up hills with turbo power boosts and ride faster and further than pushbikes. Riders still get exercise because they have to pedal to make the motor work, but they put less effort in.

While purchase prices have been high in the past, they have started coming down as more models become available and increasing numbers are being sold. There are some operators in Tasmania who are retrofitting existing bikes, which can be cheaper but not offer all the advantages of a manufactured e-bike.

E-bikes are also very cheap to run with most batteries lasting 40–80 km on a single charge costing about 10–15c. That’s no competition when compared to the cost of running a second car.

The problem we still face in Tasmania is having enough safe places for people to ride, especially for transport, so people can comfortably get to work, study, shops and services.

And Australian governments have not twigged to the potential for e-bikes to get people out of cars. In many European cities, governments are offering subsidies to people who buy e-bikes, some with an emphasis on cargo e-bikes.

E-bike convoy

E-bike owners are encourage to enjoy our short ride to the E-bike Expo from the Tasmanian Hockey Centre in New Town and join the show’n’tell

If you are an e-bike rider and want to take part in the show-n-tell, please contact our social rides leader Di Eliffe at

We are meeting at the Hockey Centre at 9.30am and will set off soon after to arrive at the Expo soon after it opens at 10am.