NSW Government to double active travel investment

In their latest transport commitment before the election on 23 March, the NSW coalition government has promised to double its spending on bike and pedestrian paths.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said on Saturday that if re-elected, the government would dedicate $330 million to active transport over the next five years and spend another $285 million on paths through infrastructure projects.

"We've taken our commitment to supporting cycling, particularly in the city, to a different level, we're committing over $600 million and a lot of it is about trying to separate cyclists and pedestrians from the dangers of traffic," Mr Constance told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The marginal Liberal seat of Coogee would be the first to benefit from the active travel investment, with a new fully separated cycleway along Centennial Park proposed as the first project. The cycleway would fill a missing link for people who ride between Bondi Junction and the Sydney CBD.

The announcement follows Labor’s commitment to spend $412 million on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure if the party wins the election.

Bicycle Network welcomes the latest announcement by the coalition government. It’s good to see the major parties in NSW recognising the importance of active travel this election.

We are also waiting for the coalition government to make a commitment to a statewide Ride2School program and several other initiatives that would make it easier to ride for transport, recreation or tourism across the state.

Bicycle Network’s key election priorities can be found here.

The people of NSW want to ride bikes and will back a government that promises to unlock the potential of our transport system with active travel.

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