Federal money for Hobart cycling

Bicycle Network Tasmania spokesperson Alison Hetherington has welcomed the announcement today of $850,000 in federal money for cycling infrastructure in Hobart from independent MP Andrew Wilkie.  

"It is great to get the news of an $850,000 injection of federal funding for cycling during Tasmanian Bike Week," Ms Hetherington said.

"Huon Road is a popular route for road and recreational riders and sealing the edges and widening it in places will make it more comfortable for people riding and driving."

"Bike parking is overflowing in places around Hobart, so it's good news to hear of on-road bike parking stations. 

"Outside the Hobart Private on Argyle Street and the state library on Murray Street are two places in desperate need of more undercover bike parking.

"While the money for a Collins Street bike lane is welcomed, it won't be enough to build a separated cycleway.

"Collins Street is already a popular route for bike riding but more people would choose to ride if we had a separated cycleway. 

"On busy roads at speeds over 30km, separated cycleways are the best option for comfortable riding.

"We need to get more people riding for transport and painted lanes do not give enough people the confidence to ride. 

"An ongoing bicycle infrastructure fund at the federal and state levels would go a long way to building the infrastructure that would make it easier to ride.

"Connecting the Intercity Cycleway to the new Macquarie Point bike path will help more people discover the smooth new path into town." 

The breakdown of cycling funding is:

  • $500,000 for a bike lane on Huon Road between Hillborough Road and Pillinger Drive
  • $100,000 for an outbound marked bike lane on Collins Street from Victoria Street to Molle Street
  • $50,000 for a bike lane on Forster Street from New Town Road to Valentine Street
  • $100,000 for on-road bike parking stations
  • $80,000 to upgrade the access link from the Cenotaph carpark to the new Macquarie Point cycleway
  • $20,000 for a cycleway connection from Marieville Esplanade to Sandy Bay Road.