Out: daylight savings. In: bike lights

Don’t get caught in the dark is the message from Bicycle Network to Australia’s bike riders as daylight savings ends and winter weather begins to set in.

People who ride bikes must have front and rear lights to help make them visible when it is dark, but it is easy to forget this in the days after our clocks change.

When riding, you need to have a front white light and rear red light attached to your bike that can be visible from at least 200 metres away.

The best place to attach them is on the handlebars (white light) and on the seat post (red light). Having your lights at these positions is best for other road users.

You can also consider wearing reflective material to increase your visibility. 

The most noticeable place to wear reflective material is your lower legs – the position and up-and-down motion your legs make while riding is easily seen by car drivers.

So they never forget to bring their lights, some riders leave them attached to their bike all the time, however if you ever park your bike outside or in a public area you should remove your lights. Unfortunately, they can easily be stolen.

Click here for more tips on using lights and increasing your visibility.

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