Car parking costs to rocket

Residential parking permits in Copenhagen will rocket up to 100 times the current fee next year as the city, deadly serious about climate change, ensures polluters are paying for the privilege.

The Danish capital already had a parking permit scheme that charged high emission vehicles more than lower emission models, but it lacked the teeth required to make a positive environmental impact.

The permit for very low emission petrol and diesel vehicles will next year rise from 10 kroner ($2) to 1000 kroner ($220)

The parking permit cost for electric and hydrogen cars will increase from 10 kroner to 200 kroner ($45) yearly.

Meanwhile, vehicles with standard low emissions ratings face a price increase to 4,000 kroner ($870), twice the current rate.

“The most effective measure the municipality has to reduce car traffic is parking restrictions, so it’s necessary to adjust upwards the pressure on parking—permits, parking rates, removal of parking spaces and expansion of paid parking zones,” Fanny Broholm, a city council representative said.

“The price of 10 kroner for a residents’ parking permit is completely meaningless in relation to the price of a square metre in Copenhagen."

"It is out of proportion in relation to what we want to get out of the city’s space."

Copenhageners will still pay less to park their cars than residents of other major Nordic cities.

A Stockholm resident’s parking permit costs 9,000 kroner ($1950) annually, while Oslo charges 2,200 kroner ($480).

Copenhagen has been very successful in switching people over to sustainable transport, and unlike Australia is tracking well towards meeting its emissions reduction targets.

Part of the story is building great bike infrastructure. But equally important has been the determination to raise the cost of car use so that it reflects more closely the economic, social and environmental damage it causes.

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