Adelaide Hills bike paths
Expanding trails in the Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills riders can get excited about two new bike trails endorsed by Mount Barker District Council earlier this month.

The two trail projects are a $200,000 Childs Road Trail between the Freeway and Hallet Road at Littlehampton, and a $65,000 path from Bythorne Park to Lower Nixon Street in Nairne.



Both trails were identified as priority projects by the council and submitted to the State Bicycle Fund – a program that offers grants of up to $50,000 per project on a dollar for dollar basis.

Mount Barker District Council have experienced previous success through the state funding program, including funding for the Hawthorn Road to Dumas Street creek line trail, Mann Street to Gawler Street trail (Wallis cinema frontage), and segments of the Hurling Drive to Homemaker Centre railway corridor trail.

Both of the new projects are hoped to be completed in 2021.

Residents and regular riders in Littlehampton and Nairne should welcome these extensions to the growing network of great places to ride in the Adelaide Hills

However, there has been calls by residents for councils to work more closely to build paths that connect townships in the Hills together – creating a network that would undoubtedly attract keen trail riders from all over the country to the Adelaide Hills.

The Adelaide Hills featured in Bicycle Network’s list of the “Australia’s top 50 bike riding experiences”, which we recently re-published and opened for comment from the bike riding community.

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