Recall: Royal Baby loses crown

A range of children’s bicycles have been recalled because they do not comply with safety standards.

Among the problems is that the brakes are installed on the incorrect side of the handlebars.

This creates an increased risk for the young riders.

The models involved are the RoyalBaby Jenny G-4, Mermaid G-3, Space No.1, BMX Freestyle and Bull Dozer RB-23.

They were supplied in both 18” and 20” models.

Importer Mighty Ape Australia will contact consumers via email and arrange for a repair kit to be sent out.

Consumers should check the arrangement of the handlebar brakes. The front brake should be on the right side and the back brake on the left side.

If the brakes are the wrong way around, Mighty Ape will arrange for a qualified technician to repair the bicycle, free of charge.

The bikes were sold through online sale platforms including Mighty Ape Australia, Amazon and eBay and were on sale between 14 September 2018 and 29 November 2019.

Bicycle Network advises consumers that your local bike shop is the best option for being new bikes for children.

The importers of these faulty bikes actually spells brake as ‘breaks’ on the recall notice, not exactly confidence inspiring.

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