Singapore's Integrated Transport Corridor

Singapore's Land Transport Authority is working on a new integrated transport corridor that will connect the northern regions to the city through a network of dedicated cycling trunk routes, bus lanes and pedestrian paths.

Touted as the "corridor for all", the 21.5km proposed North-South expressway will be Singapore's longest Transit Priority Corridor.

Aside from alleviating traffic on the Central Expressway, one of the nation's busiest highways and other major arterial roads, the inclusive North-South Corridor will also benefit active mobility users and pedestrians.

The cycling routes and pedestrian paths also link to the Park Connector Network, a 300km, bike-friendly, island-wide network of green corridors, boosting connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians.

This new integrated transport corridor could serve as an inspiration for future developments inI Australian cities. Dedicated active mobility routes could run parallel along major highways and roads, making it easier for commuters to consider an added healthy travel option that could also reduce their personal carbon footprint.

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Image source: Land Transport Authority

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