Wollongong CBD's first 30kmh street

The dining district of Crown Street in Wollongong will undergo a 30km/h speed limit trial until next May.

The exciting change is part of an outdoor dining trial organized by Wollongong City Council, which will also see lower Crown Street transformed into a one-way street.

"Four decades ago, three out of four children walked or cycled to school compared to only one in four children today,” Jon Lindley, the co-founder of Safe Streets to School Australia told the Illawarra Mercury, “our vision is one where children can walk independently to schools without having to worry about being hit by fast-moving cars."

Plans for an outdoor dining reform in Wollongong has been on the cards since at least mid-2021. The concurrent reduction in speed limits will mean that people can easily walk and ride to access shopping and dining, and to simply move around safely.

“Thanks to various funding opportunities from the NSW Government, we’ve been supporting an outdoor dining trial in two precincts within the City Centre and we’ve seen both residents and visitors enjoy more al fresco dining and other exciting experiences as a result of that,’’ Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM said of the outdoor dining trial in September.

A 30km/h speed limit was also recently introduced in the regional town Helensburgh just north of Wollongong.

News of the 30km/h speed trial also comes after the recent honoring of Wollongong as a UCI Bike City.

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