Melbourne Suburban Roads Upgrade
Arterials pump life into bike routes

Further details are now available about bike routes to be included in the Victorian Government's $2.2b suburban roads upgrade, initially announced before the state budget last week.

13 roads will be included in the upgrades, and in line with policy in Victoria, nearly all the projects will contain at least a 3 metre shared trail along the alignment.

This follows last year's $1.8B for arterials in Melbourne West, which as well as new bike infrastructure, also contains a major upgrade of the Federation Trail.

Some of the projects will be immediately useful for riders.

A key announcement is the duplication of Bridge Inn Road between Plenty Road and Yan Yean Road and Yan Yean Road between Kurrak Road and Bridge Inn Road in Doreen.

With the extension of the rail to Mernda commuters were faced with poor options for routes to the new Mernda Station, but this project will provide a first class bike facility.

Importantly it will be delivered relatively early as it will be rolled into the existing projects in the area.

A trail is being built along the new rail extension that will link to the new Bridge Inn Road facility.

Another important development is the new trail along Sunbury Road to get riders between Sunbury and Bulla. This will be very useful for riders in the outer north west and will be a good connection for workers at Tullamarine Airport.

Away on the other side of Melbourne, a vital new link will be provided between Cranbourne and Koo Wee Rup with a new off-road trail. The existing high speed, truck packed road is virtually impossible for bikes.

A 1.5km stretch of Hallam Road between Heatherton Road and James Cook Drive in Endeavour Hills will get a new shared path as part of the road duplication.

In the north, Childs Road in Mill Park between Plenty Road and Dalton Road will also get an off road path as part of the duplication. East-West links in the northern outer suburbs are desperately needed.

Craigieburn Road will be duplicated from two to four lanes along a 5.5 kilometre section from Mickleham Road to the Hume Freeway, in this case providing a two way shared path on both sides of the arterial.

The Epping Road upgrade includes duplicating the road between Craigieburn Road East and Memorial Avenue, which will provide a shared path on this important route.

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