Nicholson detour crop
Nicholson St nixed for two weeks

Nicholson Street in Fitzroy will be virtually impassable for the next few weeks as construction of new trams stops will stop traffic.

Yarra Trams is building three new accessible stops between Victoria Parade and Rose Street (near Johnston Street).

At the same time it is replacing the tram tracks, making this a major dislocating project.

It will not be possible to ride a bike on the street from 10:00pm Friday 21 August until 5:00am on Sunday 16 September.

In addition, the intersection of Johnston and Nicholson Streets Fitzroy/Carlton will be closed from 12.01am Saturday 8 September to 5:00am Wednesday 12 September.

Alternative routes are available for bike riders. See detailed map.

The shared path along the Exhibition Gardens will be open.

Riders west of Nicholson can take Canning and/or Barkly Streets, and Elgin/Johnson.

Riders east of Nicholson can choose Brunswick Street.

There will be no crossings over Nicholson Street in an east west direction.

There will be traffic management in place around the works zone – signage, VMS boards etc

The new stops along route 96 are part of an upgrade of the entire route.

The stop at Melbourne Museum will be a 66 metre structure to accommodate two long trams.

There will be a centre platform stop outside the Pumphouse Hotel and an new accessible stop will land at Johnson Street.