10 packing tips
Top 10 things to pack on the Great Vic

In the lead up to your greatest Great Vic ever, we surveyed a handful of Great Vic veteran volunteers to get their expert advice on what to pack.

So whether you're heading to the Great Vic for the first time or you're a seasoned campaigner, have a read of these 10 quick tips to ensure this year's Great Vic runs as smooth as possible.

10. A shower bag

Shelves are not always offered in the showers, so set yourself up for success by bringing a bag to hang on the back of the door. Better yet – bring your own hook too! Your bag will hold your clothes and toiletries to help you get clean and stay clean.


9. Your very own comfort kit

Is there something you can’t live without? From lip balm and nail clippers, to extra sunglasses and cold medicine, make your own comfort kit that is ready to go everywhere with you.


8. Pack light

Leave the kitchen sink at home this year. The clothing and items you bring will be by your side for nine days, so choose comfortable and versatile pieces and don’t go over 20kg.


7. Power bank for phone charging

This is an important one for staying connected with people while you’re away, or for those who like to play music or listen to podcasts to wind down after a long day.


6. Bag for your cutlery & crockery

Aside from keeping it clean, this will enable you to pick up your bag and head straight to your next meal without hunting for your kitchenware. Less time searching means more time eating!


5. Head torch or light for your tent

Don’t depend on the moon! You’ll need a bit of light if you plan on getting out of your tent in the early/late hours.


4. Flexibility and willingness to help

A little flexibility goes a long way on this adventure, and everyone chips in to help each other out. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey on the Great Vic.

3. Wet weather gear

After the weather last year, this tip is an important one! If you have a spray jacket, gum boots, and a waterproof backpack, bring them along in order to be prepared for all weather scenarios.

2. A nice sleeping bag and pad

Nothing is going to save you from a terrible night of sleep, so make sure you bring along a sleeping bag and pad that work for you. Here’s to hoping for no air leaks or chilly nights in 2019!

1. A friend or two

Spending time away from home can be tough, so it’s nice to have someone along for the ride with you. We still have spaces available, so if feel free to invite a friend or two to ride or volunteer. Of course, going solo is never an issue on the Great Vic, as you’ll be making plenty of friends along the way!

Know someone who’s riding? We have spaces available for riding volunteers who can receive a 30% refund on their entry fee by volunteering for a few hours in the evenings.

If you want a bit more information, or want to sign up, let us know by sending an email to


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