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Jeep give sneak-peek of new e-Bike

Jeep are the latest car manufacturing giant to throw their hat in the ring of electric bicycles, providing a sneak-peek at a powerful new e-bike during their recent Super Bowl commercial.

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The commercial which featured Bill Murray was primarily meant to pitch their latest fuel-guzzler, the Gladiator, but those with a keen eye would not have missed the flashy new Jeep bike, simply called the e-Bike. 

Though it only gets a small piece of the multi-million dollar commercial slot, Jeep's partner on the e-Bike, QietKat, have published a much more in-depth webpage showing off of the all terrain all electric machine.

Billed as the "most powerful" off-road mountain bike yet, the e-Bike mates a 750W motor with chunky 4.8-inch tires and Fire-Link suspension to tackle all terrain with ease.

The e-Bike is expected to go on sale in mid-2020. It is not clear how much it will cost at this stage, but with the components at hand, it is safe to say it won't be cheap.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the pretty entertaining commercial below:

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