Community supports Kalaru to Bega shared path

Initial community feedback on a proposal for a shared path between Kalaru and Bega has been completed, with significant support from the locals.

Four options were proposed for an off-road route that spans around 11 kilometres between the two Far South Coast towns.  The most popular route alignment would see a shared path following the road from Kalaru to Bega along Jellat Jellat flats and Tathra Road, terminating at the intersection into Upper Street at the showground.

Council's project services manager, Daniel Djikic, said: "We wanted to understand how the community would use a shared path between Bega and Kalaru, which of four proposed routes they thought would be best, and how important things like amenity and signage are compared to safety.

"We had a great response to the survey, with the majority of respondents saying they ride their bikes for recreation and exercise (66 per cent), followed by accompanying children as they ride (24 per cent).

"Safety was a key issue, with 90 per cent of respondents telling us they'd prefer a dedicated space to ride their bike, separated from vehicle traffic, rather than riding on the road.

"Almost half of the respondents said they would use the shared path at least a few times a week, but we anticipate the actual use would be higher once you consider visitors and tourists. We know a lot of people bring their bikes when visiting the Far South Coast, so it's highly likely this would be well used by our visitors and tourists too."

The council now plans to take this feedback, along with feedback bike advocacy groups and landholders in the area, to inform the next steps of the feasibility study that will map out the finer details and potential costs. 

"Importantly, council only has funding for the feasibility study at this stage, with the outcome of the study to form the basis of future funding applications," added Mr Djikic.

More information about the plans are available on the council's website.

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