Bicycle Network wants you!

If you’ve ridden in, cheered on a rider, or passed by during one of Bicycle Network’s events, you’ve probably spotted one of our dedicated, smiling volunteers dressed in signature bright blue shirts.

This year, as Bicycle Network celebrates two incredible event milestones – the 30-year celebration of United Energy Around the Bay and the 40th anniversary of the Great Vic Bike Ride – we offer our humble thanks for their support.

Our army of event volunteers is our backbone, and we are always looking to recruit more to join us on event, and in our workshop. We have 55 registered volunteers for United Energy Around the Bay and 141 volunteers supporting our riders on the Great Vic Bike Ride.

We welcome all ages and abilities and, whether you are 80-plus or 18, we have a spot for you on our event teams.

But we know our members have other skills they might be willing to share as part of advocacy work, too. Office, organisational and IT skills, fundraising backgrounds and project support are all highly desired, and we promise rewarding experiences along the way.

If you have some spare time and would like to join us behind the scenes for one of our fundraising programs, we’d love to hear from you. Our student-based Great Victorian Bike Ride programs this year are:

The Great Vic Schools Support Fund launched earlier this year to help bring students who find it more challenging to enjoy this life-changing, resilience-developing, action-packed adventure on our 40th anniversary ride.

The Great Vic Bike Ride First Nations Support Fund, launched ahead of last year’s event, helped to bring six students from Alice Springs on our Snowy to Sea journey. We raised $10,382.87 in 2023 and we hope to offer the same opportunity to more First Nations students in 2024.

We are still raising money for our Ride2School program – now at $102,636.22 and counting – and we’d love supporters to share their skills on this wonderful program, too.


Get your early bird tickets to the 30th celebration of United Energy Around the Bay – the Ride that Stops Melbourne! – on Sunday 6 October here

Beat the price rise and sign up for three, six or nine days of the 40th anniversary of the Great Victorian Bike Ride – Saturday 23 November to Sunday 1 December here

To volunteer for our events team, sign up here

To offer your skills for fundraising and to work with us behind the scenes on our advocacy projects email us at

To let us know about a student who might benefit from our Great Victorian Bike Ride fundraising programs email us at




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