NSW local government elections
Cast your vote for bikes

With NSW local government elections fast approaching, there’s still time to put bikes and cycling on the agenda of candidates before Saturday 9 September.

Local government elections are the perfect time to influence change and help make your local neighbourhoods happy and healthy places to live.

Electing bike-friendly councillors are the key to getting things right on our roads and paths as well as building more places for people to ride.

Similarly, a council that supports getting more kids active, helps increase the likelihood of getting programs such as Ride2School up and running in your community.

Before you vote on Saturday 9 September — take the time to ring, email or speak to your local nominated candidates and ask them what their position is on making it easier for everyone to ride a bike in your community.

We know that collective action makes a difference. As a person who rides, your vote could help champion change and turn your community into a vibrant and active place for people.

This year, 1,938 councillor and 61 mayoral candidates were nominated across 45 council elections. Check whether you have to vote in your local council election with the Council Election Index.

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