Bicycle Network volunteering Agency of the Month

Impact Volunteering, a local organisation who promote and encourage volunteering in the community, have named Bicycle Network their Agency of the Month.

Bicycle Network works with Impact Volunteering to match volunteers with suitable roles and help provide support for those experiencing isolation, illness, distress, disability, misfortune, poverty and deprivation.

A presentation was made at an introduction to volunteering session at Impact Volunteering this week to discuss volunteer roles available at Bicycle Network and answer questions.

Volunteers are being sought at the moment for two of Bicycle Network's bigger events, Around the Bay and the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride. A large range of roles are available on both events, from handing out medals at the Around the Bay finish line to helping campers at the RACV Great Vic. 

Volunteers play a huge role at Bicycle Network and the events and programs we run wouldn't be possible without their help. If you've ever had a meal on the RACV Great Vic, it was prepared and served by a volunteer. If you've ever needed mechanical assistance and been helped by a WARBY rider on Around the Bay, you've been helped by a volunteer.

If you would like to experience a Bicycle Network event from a different perspective and help riders have an unforgettable experience on the bike then check out our volunteer page.

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