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Birds, bees and bikes – ring in spring with a Ride2Work

Spring has finally arrived and the warmer weather and longer days means only one thing – it’s time to get the bike out of the garage and get ready for Bicycle Network’s National Ride2Work Day on Wednesday 18 October.

With one month until the country’s biggest celebration of commuter bike riding there is plenty of time to grease your wheels and get into gear before the big day.

National Ride2Work Day shows Australians and their workplaces just how easy and fun it is to ride a bike to work and includes free breakfasts in cities and regional centres across the country.

Bicycle Network spokesperson Anthea Hargreaves said there are so many benefits from swapping the car, train or bus for a bike, that getting involved in National Ride2Work Day is a must.

“Riding to work is the easiest way to get your daily 30 minutes of exercise, but it is also cheaper, far less stressful and can also be the fastest way to get to work,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“People that ride to work tell us they save up to $15,000 a year on transport costs, while a 5km to 10km ride to work takes less than 30 minutes. Add in a free bacon and egg roll at your local Ride2Work Day breakfast and there is no reason not to start getting on your bike.”

Bicycle Network’s Ride2Work program is Australia’s biggest behaviour change initiative and is dedicated to getting people out of cars and onto bikes by providing the tools, support and advice that new riders and workplaces need.

The program and its flagship national day of celebration are having a positive effect – more than half of people who ride to work for the first time on Ride2Work Day report that they convert to weekly bike riders.

“By joining our free Ride2Work program, many people find the confidence and support they need to get on their bikes, and discover just how easy it is to ride to work,” added Ms Hargreaves.

“It’s not just for those in the inner city either, with Parkiteer cages in Victoria and more bike parking at public transport hubs around the country it is now easier to ride partway and catch public transport. The advent of ebikes is also making it easier for people to travel longer distances.”

To register for National Ride2Work Day, find your local breakfast and get all the tips to help you start riding and make your workplace bike friendly visit

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