More than just commuting

A message from Bosch, our Ride2Work sponsors.

Both Bicycle Network and Bosch eBike Systems share a common goal: encouraging everyday Australians to jump on their bikes and get active.

We are proud to sponsor the Ride2Work program due to its well established, long lasting commitment to promoting cycling and road safety around the country.

Here at Bosch eBike Systems, our product innovations have been designed to make cycling more accessible for everyone, no matter what age or fitness level. So supporting a great cause such as Ride2Work Day, which actively promotes riding to everyday Australians, made the most sense

Ebikes have a lot to offer.

For young or old, for urban or sporty use, the ebike's electric power boost makes cycling more relaxing, you travel longer distances and you reach your destination feeling fresher. Opting for an ebike is well worthwhile.

It opens up a new way to ride, it gives you the freedom to choose the way you want to ride. That hill you have been avoiding, even though it is the quicker route home is now a joy to ride up. You might not set the K.O.M. up that hill but you will be smiling as you conquer your fear.

Pedelecs are also the perfect companion for your daily commute. Cruising on an ebike can save commuters time and effort, so you arrive at work feeling fresh. With an eBike you can rule out the sweat factor and extra clothes involved with riding to and from work!

Pedelecs also have the ability to bring people all of ages and fitness levels together. Gone is the fear of not being able to keep up with your family and friends. You can now go for a ride with grandfather down to the coffee shop and simply enjoy the pleasure of riding together without the fear of anyone falling behind

Bosch eBike Systems offer different systems to suit all styles of rider; from leisure, to city and urban and of course mountain bikers.

Ride2Work Day is a great opportunity for Australian’s to experience one of the easiest, most time-efficient ways to fit exercise into their daily routine. By jumping on a bike or ebike, you can escape the pains of being stuck in peak-hour congestion or crowed public transport.

If you’re interested in experiencing the ebike revolution, head to to find your local bike retailer to test ride one today. You won’t know until you try!