Let Bicycle Network help you to love your ride to work
5 reasons to love riding to work

If you get yourself riding to work regularly you can open up a new world of opportunities ...

Good morning World!

Not a morning person? Cycling fixes that. It’s a first-rate heart-starter and mood enhancer. You will find yourself greeting fellow commuters cheerily like the early bird you never knew you were.

First to the coffee machine

While your colleagues are still stuck in traffic or waiting for cancelled trains, you’ll get to work when you planned to, because there’s no congestion for cyclists. So arrive in the knick of time or be first for the coffee machine – with cycling it’s your commute and your choice.

Plan a holiday

Those fabulous legs of yours are saving you heaps of money by riding to work. What can you do with that extra disposable income? Renovate the house? Or take a nice vacation? After all, those legs are going to look good on display on the beach from all this cycling!

Welcome to the healthy crowd

When you burn fat not oil, your commute is making you look and feel healthier and fitter. You become a dynamic version of yourself because your brain is alert and primed by exercise. Don’t be surprised when people start asking you for health advice.

See more of your friends

Do your exercise on the way to and from work and you don’t need to go to the gym, so you’ll have more time to be sociable, start a book club or join a choir. If you see a friend when you’re cycling, it’s easy as to pull over for a chat, or ride together for a mobile catch-up. Don’t try that in a car!

You won’t know until you give it a go! Ride2Work Day is Wednesday 18 October 2017. See for how to take part.