City of Sydney draft cycling strategy
Your say on Sydney's cycling future

What does the City of Sydney need to make it easier for everyone to ride a bike now and over the next 10 years?

As a person who rides or is keen to start, this is your chance to have a say with the City of Sydney asking for public input into its draft cycling strategy.

Building a connected and protected network of cycleways is a clear solution to future proof Australia’s biggest city against rapid population growth, growing congestion concerns and the rising cost of physical inactivity.

Streets that prioritise people who ride, walk or take public transport means that we can move more people, more often and at little public cost. Study after study shows that amazing things happen to cities when we make it easier for more people ride bikes.

For years Bicycle Network has been campaigning on some key fronts in the Sydney CBD:

We’d like to see the College Street Cycleway reinstated. Since the cycleway’s removal, more than 2,000 bike riders continue to use the street each morning. Current conditions place people who ride bikes in the direct path of drivers, endangering their lives and forcing them to take unnecessary risks. It’s dangerous and frustrating for all road users.

We’d also like to see King Street cycleway built beyond York Street. It’s a key connection to the Sydney CBD and at best it’s congested and confusing. At worst, it’s a dangerous mess of traffic the dumps riders into a mix of traffic with buses, taxis, cars and pedestrians all fighting for limited road space.

Please take this opportunity to complete the survey before November 5 and emphasise your key wants and needs for a happier, healthier, more connected and liveable Sydney.

The NSW state government is also preparing to transform the larger Sydney area. You can read about and comment on the Greater Sydney Regional Plan here.


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