Ride2Work Day
Why is Ride2Work Day important?

Congratulations and thanks – today you joined thousands of people across Australia who jumped on their bikes and celebrated National Ride2Work Day.

You’ve shown people from across Australia and in your own workplace just how easy, cheap, convenient, fun and normal it is to ride a bike to work.

We hope that you too have been inspired to either keep it up, ride further or more regularly and turn, what for us is our favourite part of the day, into a year-round healthy habit.

It’s important to remember that Bicycle Network’s National Ride2Work Day is more than just a day. It’s one part of year long program that encourages and inspires more people and workplaces to remove barriers and embrace active travel.

What you may not know is that every registration for the Ride2Work program also helps Bicycle Network argue the case for building more separated, connected and protected places to ride.

The data we collect through Ride2Work shows local, state and federal governments that people do ride, and even more would with the right support, conditions and investment.

So please, if you rode to work today, or even if you missed today but plan on riding to work tomorrow, please register for the program. It’s quick and easy and takes less than two minutes. We can also give you tips and tricks to get the rest of your workplace on board.

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Thanks to supporters of Ride2Work

National Ride2Work Day would also not be possible without the support of hundreds of local councils, businesses, BUGS and community organisations who go out of their way to make it easier for more people in their communities to ride.

We’d like to say a special thanks to just a couple who went above and beyond in their support of National Ride2Work Day this year:

BoschAussie Bananas, City of MelbourneOBikeAussie Farmers Direct, City of Hobart , Darwin Council, Heart Foundation (NT), Family Law (NT), Adelaide Council, Bicycle Queensland, Bicycling Western Australia, Pedal Power and City of North Sydney.

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