Darwin bike parking
Bike parking in Darwin a dire situation

Not a single respondent to a Bicycle Network survey said that Darwin has adequate bike parking.

In September, Bicycle Network asked locals to have their say on how to make Darwin a better place to ride.

Of those who took the survey, more than half ride a bike every day and three quarters ride at least once a week.

The hardest spots to find bike parking were Smith Street mall and Mitchell Street, where there isn’t any parking at all, a point that many riders were very eager to point out.

A walk along Smith Street mall highlights this, with many bikes left unsecured in makeshift parks.

A quarter of riders said that knowing bike parking will not be available has stopped them from riding their bike, confirming that a lack of appropriate infrastructure is a barrier to riding, even for those who a bike is their preferred mode of transport.

This year's census data shows that Darwin residents are the third most likely to ride their bikes to work. With more bike parking installed in Darwin this statistic could easily improve.

The survey is still open – if you know of a particular place that needs bike parking please let us know.


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