Fishermans Bend
Bike vision confirmed for Fishermans Bend

The State Government has released the Transport Plan for Fishermans Bend confirming that bikes will have high priority in the planning for the new suburb to house 80,000 people and 60,000 workers.

A highlight will be the new bike and public transport across the Yarra from Collins Street in the city.

The plan does not propose the exact alignment for the bridge, but gives three options to link the bottom of Collins Street across the river, including a low structure that could be open to allow tall vessels through.

New strategic cycling corridors are also recommended to provide separated cycling facilities along:

  • Buckhurst Street/Bay Street linking Port Phillip Bay (at Bay Street) to the central city via Montague Precinct (Buckhurst Street).
  • Turner Street linking the Employment Precinct, Lorimer and the central city.
  • Plummer Street/Fennell Street corridor connecting Sandridge and Wirraway to the central city.
  • Williamstown Road and Lorimer Street.

Walking, cycling and public transport will be used for most passenger movements within Fishermans Bend, with freight corridors identified for the effective movement of products and goods.

A network of linear parks and high-quality walking and cycling connections will link to public open spaces, activity centres and public transport.

The plan says that 80% of trips will be made via sustainable transport, rising to 90% for school related trips.

The existence of wide road cross sections that have been designed to accommodate freight and logistics associated with current land uses have provided a generous reservation for conversion into high amenity streets.

"Fishermans Bend is at most 6km from the existing Melbourne CBD, enabling a significant number of activities for residents and workers to be accessible by short trips undertaken by walking, cycling and public transport,” the plan says.

"It is also possible to improve access to the central city by providing world class cycling environments, enabling cyclists to access the CBD and surrounding suburbs using dedicated cycle lanes with separation from traffic and priority at intersections."

Out of the plan has also emerged a proposal for a new Bay Street to City bike connection

"Community feedback has indicated broad support for a potential cycling link from the western end of Bay Street to the CBD via the Montague precinct.

"This separated path would connect with Buckhurst Street and link with key services, commercial developments and community facilities as part of a proposed network of cycling paths throughout Fishermans Bend.

"It is possible this link could be delivered within 10 years, providing residents, workers and visitors with a safe and easy route to the new Ferrars Street Education and Community Precinct, Montague Activity Centre, public open space and connection to the CBD."

The plan also talks of better connections to the Westgate Punt, including moving the landing in Fishermans Bend further south.

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