November 2017

Bay Trail Middle Brighton

Bay Trail squeeze fix coming

The frequently overcrowded section of the Bay Trail outside the entrance to the Middle Brighton Baths is set for a makeover that will separate bikes from pedestrians.
St Georges Road Shared path opened

St Georges Road pipes down

Now that pipes are in the ground along St Georges Road, work has ramped up on finishing the new pathway and reinstating the landscaping along the boulevard.
Tasmania ebike ride_Nov2017

Pedalling the benefits of ebikes

Bicycle Network joined the Tasmanian branch of Australian Electric Vehicle Association for a five-day ebike ride along Tasmania’s east coast.
car free sunday SIngapore

Singapore says no more cars

With roads already taking up 12 per cent of its land area, Singapore will cap the total number of cars in the city state from February 2018. “In view of land constraints and competing needs, there is limited scope for further expansion of the road network,” the Land Transport Authority (LTA) explains. The island government [...]