Bike riders priority on Bowen Crescent
Bike riders priority on Bowen Crescent

One of the most awkward bike path crossings in the state has been fixed at last to give bike riders priority.

Now, following recent works that were co-funded by the City of Melbourne and the City of Yarra, bikes on the Capital City Trail get priority when they cross Bowen Crescent in North Carlton.

The Crescent curves around the back of Princes Park and the Carlton footy ground, and has always been something of a rat run.

Sight lines were not great and it was an anxiety inducing crossing, especially on a trail which is very popular with families and children.

The council has switched the priority so that the motorists now have to give way to bikes on the crossing, and they are, if recent observations are to be trusted.

Usually a crossing such as this would be a raised platform crossing, to give bike riders priority and make doubly sure drivers get the message.

But this is a heritage crossing: the trail is sitting right on the old Inner Circle Railway, and the rails at Bowen Crescent are visible on the surface even today.

A raised platform was not an option. But speed humps are on the approaches.

Now that the Bowen Crescent crossing is fixed, focus shifts to other crossings on the trail, and on other trails in Victoria that cross local roads.

Under new policy at VicRoads and at Transport for Victoria, crossings on local roads will give bike riders priority.

This is just the first of many.

There have been further improvements since the above photo was taken.