With a little luck the new path across Swan Street Bridge should be open in time for the Boxing Day Test, New Year and the 2018 Australian Open.
Fingers crossed on Swan Street Bridge

With a little luck the new 4 metre path across Swan Street Bridge should be open Friday 22 December in time for the Boxing Day Test at the MCG, New Year’s celebrations and the 2018 Australian Open.

Luck is something that has been in very short supply on this blighted project.

Now things are looking up.

With the new shared-use path open for pedestrians and cyclists to cross between Batman Avenue and Alexandra Avenue, the path on the South Yarra side of the bridge will one closed around 5 January to allow demolition and rebuild of the upstream side of the bridge too start on 10 January.

The area remains busy around-the-clock, particularly in the weekday peaks and during events, so riders should plan their journey and seek alternate routes if necessary.

The riverside trails on both sides of the Yarra are closed under the Swan Street Bridge until mid-2018, which is when the whole project upgrade is due to be finished.

The detour for the Capital City Trail on the Alexandra Ave side of the Yarra River will continue to use the zebra and signal-controlled crossings on Alexandra Ave at the bridge, meaning riders must ride for about 200m along the Tan to then cross using a new set of lights to the Boathouse Drive, riverbank side.

The inbound Main Yarra Trail detour at Morell Bridge will be removed until early January 2018, with riders able to cross at the Swan Street Bridge using the lights at Batman Ave / Olympic Blvd on the river side.

CityLink has improved the detour path where the large pid lids had become hazardous at the rear of AAMI Park.

Contractors Seymour Whyte have installed extra motion-activated solar lighting in the area to improve visibility.