Bikes on buses Newcastle
Bikes on buses building momentum in Newcastle

A Waratah local is calling on Newcastle planners to bring the city’s transport up to speed by allowing bikes on buses and has launched a petition to show public support.

Sam Dunlevie regularly rides his bike around Newcastle, but after seeing bike racks on buses overseas he thinks they would be a great addition to the local transport service.

“Having watched people use the system every day in Los Angeles, they don’t make a fuss,” he said. “It doesn’t take very long to clip a bike onto the rack,” he told the Newcastle Star.

With the closure of the heavy railway into Newcastle station in 2016 and a wait until the light rail project is finished in 2019, there are few options for people to bring to bikes into town ride around parks and beaches.

However, there have been recent upgrades to local bus services and timetables, making it the perfect time to begin allowing bikes on buses.

And while Mr Dunlevie was inspired by bike racks on buses in Los Angeles, they are also currently being used locally.

Buses in Canberra have been fitted with bike racks and there is also a trial being undertaken in metro and regional Victoria.

Allowing bikes on buses in Newcastle would give locals, particularly younger people, another transport option and encourage physical activity over driving in an area that is one of New South Wales' worst for obesity and inactivity.

Mr Dunlevie said he has approached Transport for New South Wales but has not received a response.

Click to see Mr Dunlevie’s petition and add your name.

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Photos: Newcastle Herald