Wagga Wagga active travel plan
Delivering active travel in Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga City Council will receive more than $11 million from the NSW State Government to fund its cycling promotion project.

It was announced in January that funding would be provided for council to design, deliver and implement their Active Travel Plan – Cycling that was announced in September 2016.

This plan is part of the Wagga Wagga Integrated Transport Strategy 2040 and will promote bike riding as a mode of transport with the development of a quality cycling network and facilities across the city.

Extensive community consultation informed the development of the plan and there will be further consultation with stakeholders and the community.

This will be done to make sure the network is useable, safe, and that land ownership and construction management issues are handled properly.

The design phase will include technical studies and consultation to determine where facilities and routes will be located and which will be constructed first.

Implementation of the Active Travel Plan will be in collaboration with Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services.

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Photo: Wagga Wagga City Council