Protesting rights for food delivery riders

People who ride bikes for food delivery services have rallied in Sydney on Wednesday to call for improved working conditions. 

As part of the #Rights4Riders campaign, delivery riders from Deliveroo, UberEats and Foodora joined forces with the Trade Workers Union NSW and Labor to protest low wages, poor job security, health and safety standards. Riders also called for safer road conditions for bike riders across NSW.

The protest coincides with two foodora cyclists launching unfair dismissal claims. 

The case will seek to build on the the High Court of Australia decisions in Hollis v Vabu which found that couriers riding their own bicycles were employees and not independent contractors even though they were responsible for repairs, loss or damage to their equipment and uniforms.

Logistics by bike

Bikes play an important role in not only the movement of our cities but in businesses thanks to their easy access, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Bike food delivery riders, just like bike couriers and public share bikes, help normalise bike riding as an easy everyday activity, where bikes are integral to the fabric of our healthy and happy communities.

The more people who ride bikes on our roads, paths and cycleways (whether it’s for transport, fun, fitness or work), the safer it gets for everybody and the greater our visibility and voice when it comes to advocating for more protected and safer places to ride. 

Bicycle Network believes that it’s important that food delivery riders are protected both in their workplace and on our roads.

We’ve previously worked with Victoria Police, WorkSafe and food delivery companies to develop best practice for preparing and equipping riders for life on the city streets. This included advising companies on safe equipment, induction and route choices.

It’s clear that more can be done in this space and we’re keen to expand our pilot and work with food delivery companies in NSW in addressing safety, education and equipment concerns.

See the action from the protest using #Rights4Riders.