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Personalised route advice for Sydney riders

The City of Sydney have launched a new 24/7 personalised route service to help people who ride navigate city streets.

Launched in January of this year, the City of Sydney’s personalised route advice service draws on a database of preferred cycling routes to personalise a point-to-point map. All riders have to do is provide information via an online form or Facebook messenger for an instant response. 

As an alternative to Google maps, the routes have all been tested by an experienced bike rider who selects the cycleways and roads based on their suitability for people riding bikes.

With the aim of helping people new to riding or new to riding in the city, the service has already offered advice to more 1,300 people.

It’s important to recognise that the route advice service is limited to journeys that originate in, travel through or end within the City of Sydney.

It also doesn’t always take the rider from the exact address they request to their destination.

However, it clearly shows route information on a map, allowing the rider to travel a short distance to join the recommended route and navigate roads and paths more suitable for people riding bikes, to reach where they’re going.

So if your not sure the best way to get from A to B in Sydney or you have a colleague or friend who’s new to commuting by bike, check out the City of Sydney’s helpful service making it easier for more people to ride.

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