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Winter is coming: don’t get caught in the dark

Don’t get caught in the dark is the message from Bicycle Network to Australia’s bike riders as daylight savings ends this weekend and winter weather begins to set in.

People who ride bikes must have front and rear lights to help make them visible when it is dark, but many riders get caught out when the season changes.

Bicycle Network spokesperson Anthea Hargreaves said it’s important that bike riders light up when travelling in low light conditions to reduce their risks and comply with road rules.

“With daylight hours quickly disappearing, it’s easy to get caught in the dark – especially when you’re riding home from work in the evenings,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“When the light is low, bike riders must have a white light on the front of their bike and a red light on the rear and both must be visible from 200 metres away.”

To help make it easier, Bicycle Network has an online guide with tips for choosing the right lights, the best way to use them and advice for improving your overall visibility when riding on the road or path.

“The best place to attach your lights is on the front of your handlebars and the seat post at the back of the bike. This puts your lights consistently in line with drivers’ vision, making you easier to spot.”

“Lights attached to your backpack or helmet can dazzle other riders or pedestrians, move around and can be less easy for drivers to see,” Ms Hargreaves added.

Another way to improve visibility while riding is to wear reflective ankle bands that catch the light from vehicle headlights and move up and down as you pedal, attracting the attention of drivers.

Recent research has shown that reflective ankle bands as well as full-length reflective leggings greatly increase the visibility of bike riders at night. It also found that fluorescent clothing (without reflective strips) is not effective at night as fluorescent material needs UV light to activate it.

We're here help you prepare for the darker months with a bonus set of Knog bike lights valued at $39.90. Simply become a Bicycle Network member before Sunday 1 April 2018 and we'll send you out a set so you're ready for winter!

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