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Swan to paddle faster

The good news is that the Swan Street Bridge project is to be sped up. The bad news is that the paths under the bridge will be closed.

In order for the contractors to work as fast, and as safely, as possible, both cycle paths under the bridge will be closed until mid-2018.

OK then, anything that gets this cursed project completed and out the way as soon as possible is welcome.

A slightly updated detour route is now in place for bike riders, pedestrians and motorists.

Option 1

At Morell bridge, you can now turn right and head past Gosch’s Paddock then down the bike path on Olympic Blvd

Option 2

You can also turn left and use the lower cyclist path on the west bank of the Main Yarra Trail detour up the new asphalt path leading to the pedestrian crossing to the tan return to the Main Yarra Trail at Swan Street Bridge.

Contractor Seymour Whyte says both detours should add no more than two minutes to your route, and can give you a different perspective on your entry into the city each day.

The map below provides a visual of the updated route.

Because works going on overhead at all times, there is a safety risk if riders are using the underpasses.

The bridge design requires that the beams must be joined from one end of the bridge to the other to ensure the bridge structure is stable. To leave one path open would mean the end of the bridge remains unbalanced, and the next stage of works could not safely progress.

The bridge abutments (where the bridge meets land) need to be strengthened and upgraded to support the new shared user paths across the bridge. The construction team need to use the footpath and surrounding area for scaffolds and equipment, to allow these works to be completed.