Tram Crush Melbourne CBD
More bikes, fewer cars to ease Melbourne crush

Melbourne is poised to amplify its liveability and affluence by increasing its allure to pedestrians and bike riders and moderating the negative impact of motor traffic.

Today it launched a review of its transport strategy, signalling dramatic changes to the management of people movement in the thriving inner city.

In the coming years the city is predicted to lure up to $1.4 million visitors a day, a 50 percent increase in 20 years, and enough to overwhelm today’s roads, footpaths, bike lanes and rail services.

This unprecedented growth has spurred the City of Melbourne to roll up the old transport plan, and bring forward the launch of bolder and bigger initiatives.

Ideas being considered by the city include excluding motor traffic from sections of the CBD, removing on-street care parking, and increase access for pedestrians and bikes.

The latest initiatives are just the first of many to be exposed to public scrutiny.

A total of eight discussion papers will be released prior to the City developing the new transport strategy later this year.

Those released today include Walking and City Space. There is also a Walking Background Paper.

To come are papers on Cycling, Transport Pricing, Public Transport, Parking, City Driving, and Emerging Technology.

The public is being asked to participate online via this website.

The discussion paper for walking proposes street closures, 30 km/h speed limits in the Hoddle Grid, more pedestrian time at traffic lights, and wider footpaths.

Bicycle Network will analyse the papers as more detail becomes available.