April activities across Tasmania

We’ve got a variety of rides and events around the state in April, including a weekend on Bruny Island, a stall at the north-west eco festival, Burnie road rides and valet parking at the AFL football match in Hobart.

An e-xcellent weekend on Bruny

Bruny Island’s quiet roads make it an excellent touring option for e-bikes and we’ve organized a weekend of touring this 28–29 April.

Leaving from Roberts Point on Bruny Island about 9am on Saturday, the group will split into two with Group A riding around Dennes Point before heading to Alonnah and Group B riding straight to Alonnah, with the obligatory stop at Bruny Island Cheese.

Camping will be available at Alonnah on Saturday night. On Sunday, Group A will return to the ferry terminal at Robert Point via a longer route and Group B will go straight there.

There may also be a group riding from Hobart to Kettering on the Friday night if enough people are interested.

RSVP online as the ride may be cancelled if bad weather is forecast.

Choose your Burnie loop

Our north-west ride leaders are heading out on a loop ride from Burnie on Sunday 15 April through Stowport and Natone, and there will be a choice of the length of loop you want to take.

Leaving at 11am from the Burnie Yacht Club, the options are a 14km, 22km, 35km or 37km loop with the ascent increasing from the first option at 255m up to the last option at 555m.

The ride will finish with lunch at Crusty’s Bakery in Wivenhoe.

RSVP online as the ride may be cancelled if bad weather is forecast.

Ulverstone hosts Ecofest

The picturesque Gnomon Pavilion on the River Leven is hosting the North West Ecofest on Saturday 28 April, 10am–1pm. 

Bicycle Network volunteers will be there to talk about the advantages of bicycle riding, providing advice to people wanting to use bicycles for transport and signing up new supporters and members.

Ecofest is organized by the North West Environment Centre and this year’s theme is A Waste Free Future. As well as Bicycle Network, there’ll be suppliers of sustainable products, second-hand sellers, an Eco Exchange featuring talks and workshops, and a Repair Café where you can take your sewing and IT problems.

Get to the footy on bike

North Melbourne is up against Carlton at Blundstone Arena on Saturday 14 April and Bicycle Network will be there to provide valet parking close to the northern entrance.

Traffic is notoriously bad around the ground on match days. The free bicycle parking gives people the option of riding the whole way to the game or parking along the separated Clarence Foreshore Trail and riding the rest of the way.

The map on our website shows you the bike trails to get to the ground and where you could park a car. 

If you are interested in volunteering for our valet parking 7–10pm, fill in your details online