IKEA store impression
Shopping IKEA car-free

You know the world is changing when IKEA plans to replace car parking with bike parking and build its latest store at a railway station.

Yes, the only products you will walk out the door with are those that you can take on your bike or on the underground, train or tram.

All the usual IKEA products are still on the floor, but you can’t take the flat-pack home in the car – you just order it to be quickly delivered to your door from a logistics centre.

The new flagship IKEA store ushering in the car-free era will be in Vienna, at the new Westbahnhof Station.

IKEA's idea is to win even more customers by shunning car parking and using the space for . . . people.

“IKEA at Westbahnhof is to become the meeting place for the whole district”, the company says.

“The furniture store itself, which extends over several floors, will incorporate chill-out areas or co-working spaces, and a green roof.

“The restaurant and cafe bar could be popular places for dates.”

The store will have 250-300 staff over seven levels.

It is expected to open in 2021.

In recent years IKEA have introduced its own range of bikes and trailers. Yes, you assemble them at home.

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