Get the e-bike lowdown

If you have been thinking about trying out an electric bicycle or know someone who is interested, then our new information flyer could be of interest.

The flyer is available for bicycle stores, community centres or any other information hubs in Tasmania that promote active transport.

The flyer was written by Bicycle Network Tasmania’s Social Rides Coordinator Di Elliffe and printed with the support of the 2A4 Small Grants Scheme. The scheme offers grants of up to $3000 for projects relating to climate change, the environment and refugees.   

“E-bikes are an excellent choice for people who would like to reduce their greenhouse gas production, get a bit fitter and get more enjoyment out of their daily travel,” Di said.

“We thought a flyer would be a handy way to share information and to pass to interested people as a reminder they can follow up later.

“A leaflet in local bike shops could also help remedy the current lack of knowledge some staff have about e-bikes, unless they are e-bike riders themselves.

“It can also be used by e-bike owners who are used to fielding questions about how e-bikes work, something which happens almost everytime I go out on my e-bike.”

The flyer outlines the benefits of e-bike riding:

  • arrive at work without feeling hot and sweaty
  • carry your shopping easily
  • ride faster – keep up with traffic flow even if you are not super fit
  • keep active even if you have limited mobility
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • have an enormous amount of fun.

The legal requirements:

  • pedalec bikes provide up to 250W of assistance which cuts out above 25km/h
  • e-bikes which have a throttle are limited to 200W of assistance.

And the way they work:

  • depending on terrain and your pedalling power an e-bike typically lasts 40–80km on a single charge
  • a top-up charge takes a couple of hours and full charge about four hours
  • a charge costs about 10-15 cents.

If you are in Tasmania and would like copies of the flyer for your shop or centre, please send your details to: