Sydney bike rider on protected lane
Sydneysiders say show us the cycle paths

Sydneysiders have thrown their support behind public share bikes and protected bike lanes, according to new University of Sydney research.

When surveyed on their support for transport policies, inner Sydney residents nominated bike projects as some of the highest priorities.

82% of people wanted more bike paths separated from cars, and 72% supported share bike programs. This rate of support was for docked share bike schemes, similar to that of London and Melbourne.

Interestingly, the biggest supporters of share bikes were people who don’t currently ride, indicating that people would take a bike over a car if it was easier.

Leader of the study, Professor Chris Rissel, said that there is across the board support for bikes and active travel.

“Our study shows there is already significant public support for active travel in Sydney. The high level of support was consistent, regardless of age, sex and how people commuted to work.”

The study, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, was based on a cross-sectional online survey of 846 participants aged between 18 and 55 from inner Sydney areas including Redfern and Glebe.

Sydney residents supported transport policies most relevant to their own lives, however this support for active and public transport is at odds with the focus of current planning and funding in Sydney that focusses on motor vehicle solutions.

“Motorised modes of transport are costly and unsustainable, and active travel options are important from a health, congestion avoidance, and sustainability perspective,” said the study’s authors.

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