Lilyfield Road Cycleway – back to the drawing-board

The Inner West Council has decided to have another look at plans for the Lilyfield Cycleway after considering community feedback.

Bicycle Network made a submission to the project in January and proposed:

  • Single direction paths on each side of the street, rather than one path going in both directions
  • Or, if a two-way path is necessary, that the proposed crossing at Edward Street be changed to one regulated by traffic lights, and placed where the view of the bike crossing will not be obstructed by buses, the lay-over or bus stop

We liked the plan to place the cycle-way so that people riding bikes are protected by plantings and parked cars, rather than next to traffic.

The traffic calming measures, speed reduction and the planned landscaping to provide shade are also positive and will improve the riding experience.

A community session is planned for Tuesday 29 May from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Sydney Secondary College, Leichardt Campus, 210 Balmain Road.

Bike riders are encouraged to come along and have their say on plans to perfect the Lilyfield Cycleway.

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