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NSW MP joins footpath riding campaign

Coogee MP Bruce Notley-Smith has joined the footpath riding campaign, launching a public petition that he will present to NSW parliament calling for all school children to be allowed to ride on the footpath.

In a video outside Randwick Public School, Mr Notley-Smith says that he has seen just four children riding bikes, even though there are more than 700 enrolled at the school.

He wants the law change so that every school student can ride to school on the footpath, rather than avoiding busy roads by just not riding at all.

Mr Notley-Smith's campaign is a strong indication that public support to bring laws in line with the other states is growing, and that our politicians are listening.

Bicycle Network has been campaigning for footpath riding age restrictions to be removed in NSW (and Victoria) for a long time, and late last year Coogee father Callum Gordon started a petition to gain support.

Bicycle Network was thrilled to see Mr Notley-Smith support footpath riding and met with him to discuss the campaign, the importance of encouraging physical activity and how the Ride2School program can help

With a change to the footpath riding law and investment in Ride2School, we will be able to get NSW kids active and create a healthier state.

Bicycle Network urges all bike riders to join Mr Notley-Smith's petition.

If you don't live in the Coogee electorate you can still add your name, but also contact your local MP to ask them to support footpath riding.

Contacting you local member is one of the most effective ways to create change, whether it is about footpath riding or any other bike issue.

By making contact you will remind them that there are people in the community who ride bikes, and that they vote.

Other NSW politicians currently working on issues for people who ride bikes include the below – let's see if we can grow the list.

Sign the footpath riding petition