Upfield Bike Path
Upfield Trail to be extended and improved

One rare highlight in a lacklustre Victorian Budget for bikes was the announcement of the extension of the Upfield Trail as far as the Ring Road.

For years the Trail has fallen maddeningly short of the obvious link to the M80 Trail along the Ring Road.

But now riders will be able to travel from the Capital City Trail in Carlton all the way north to the Ring Road Trail.

It was originally expected that the Camp Road level crossing removal nearby would be able to economically deliver to extension, but the opportunity was lost.

Now the government has pledged the funding to both extend the Trail, and to upgrade a number of difficult crossings and other shortcomings along the route.

The detailed alignment of the route has not been determined.

Taking it within the railway corridor appears not to be feasible, as clearly at some time in the future the track will be duplicated.

It would make sense for the Trail extension to make use of land managed by the adjacent cemetery, and though property where Melbourne Water has retarding basins located.

It is expected that the City of Moreland will have carriage of the $3.5m project, with assistance from VicRoads.

When announcing the project, Minister Donnellan said the Upfield improvements would give people an alternative to using Sydney Road.

Alas there is no alternative to also upgrading Sydney Road. There will be level crossing removals and property developments along the Upfield line for years to come that will periodically compromise the route.

Both the Trail and Sydney Road need major upgrades to handle the large volume of riders that will be using these routes in just a few years time.

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