Road closures
Works at Whitehall and Hyde Streets

Riders through Footscray should be alert to upcoming changes in road conditions as work on the West Gate Tunnel ramps up.

Over the coming weeks and months, a series of changes will impact road users, including traffic management and, later, detours for bikes.

Work has started in Whitehall Street on several huge structures and the tunnel portal, where up to 500 people will work, together with large numbers of traffic movements.

There will also be relocation of water and gas services over the next week, relocation of electricity services later in the months, and intersection changes over the next four weeks.

In Hyde Street there will be intersection modifications and other project investigations near Yarraville Gardens.

Whitehall Street is also the route of a major shared path from the West and Hyde Street carries considerable bike traffic.

Riders should be alert to these changes and follow any traffic management directions.

Bicycle Network is working with the project contractors and the City of Maribyrnong to develop workable traffic management solutions to help keep riders save during this huge project.