Greening the Pipeline
A flow of benefits from Greening the Pipeline

The heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer reserve in Melbourne's west is being transformed into a parkland and Bicycle Network President Dr Zena Burgess has spoken about the boost it will give the local community.

Called Greening the Pipeline, the project will create a linear park around the Federation Trail.

Dr Burgess spoke in a video from Melbourne Water (who are leading the project) about how the park will help get locals active, as well as bring visitors to the area and give an economic injection.

"It's a tourist attraction. Countries overseas have bike paths like this within their communities which are very popular as tourist destinations," said Dr Burgess.

"It's a great showcase for Wyndham as a community that has a young and growing population, as well as established residents."

"If you have more cyclists, it inevitably leads to more cafes. It grows businesses by bringing more people to the area (and) lead to more economic prosperity," Dr Burgess added.

See more in the video below.

Melbourne Water is leading the project in partnership with Wyndham City Council, City West Water, VicRoads. It is also supported by Greening the West.

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