Commuters still queuing in cars

Despite the average Melburnian's commute being 15 kilometres, three-quarters of all workers are still driving their cars to the office.

The Herald Sun has reported on last year's release of 2016 census data which showed that only 19.6 per cent of people use public transport and 5.5 per cent ride or walk to work.

And while the report confirms that the remaining 75 per cent drive to work, it doesn't say how long people's car trips take.

However, we know that driving can be the most frustrating way to commute and that for many people, riding a bike is quicker, and free.

A 10km trip to work is quicker on a bike than in a car, and with many commuters working within this distance from home, we need to make it easier for people to ride.

The RACV have also acknowledged this, with spokesperson Dave Jones saying that the census data shows we need to give people more options to travel.

“Governments need to keep investing in roads, public transport and bikes to give commuters ­choices in how they travel," Mr Jones told the Herald Sun.

The news also confirms just how disappointing the 2018/19 Victorian State Budget is, which is putting just 0.5 per cent of its roads funding to bike riding and walking.

While we need to see more places to ride built, Bicycle Network still urges commuters to give riding a go and join the Ride2Work program which has all the tips and info to help you get started.

Click here to read the Herald Sun report.