New bike lanes coming on Hill Street

West Hobart’s Hill Street is set to undergo a revamp that will benefit people walking and cycling, with work due to start soon.

Recent flooding and wind has pushed the project timeline back but we hear the latest start date is 4 June.

The West Hobart community has long agitated for safer road conditions in the area and the City Council has come to the party with a plan to narrow lanes to reduce traffic speed, install five pedestrian crossings and include painted on-road bike lanes.  

The bike lanes will not run the entire length of Hill Street but will be put into sections where there is space left over after new crossings, road lanes and on-street parking are factored in.

Bicycle movement was not a priority in the project, but we are pleased to see that the City has included bike lanes to help narrow lanes and slow traffic.

The lanes will not be separated but it is hoped that traffic speed will reduce as a result of the works.

While Hill Street may not be considered a priority route because of its steepness, the number of people riding electric bikes may change that thinking.

The sections of Hill Street to get bike lanes include:

- uphill sides between Alison and Cavell streets

- both sides between Hamilton Street and Lansdowne Crescent

- one side between Lansdowne Cresent and Warwick Street and small section on the other side south of Pine Street.

A feature of the new streetscape will be the six-month trial north of Pine Street of a “wombat crossing”, which is a speed hump with pedestrian crossing markings. The idea being that the raised road surface slows cars down along with the signs for the pedestrian crossing.

The project will take about 3 months to complete.

New bike boxes throughout Hobart

The City of Hobart is also painting new bike boxes at intersections as it undertakes re-asphalting of roads across the city.

Bike boxes help riders to get ahead of traffic and be seen at intersections, even if there is no on-road lane for riders.

Check out new bike boxes at the following intersections:

  • Liverpool Street, at the Argyle Street intersection, in the right hand and left hand lanes (none in the central lane)
  • Argyle Street, in the left lane at the Liverpool st Intersection
  • Barrack Street, the 2 left lanes at the Macquarie Street intersection
  • Macquarie Street, left hand lane at the Barrack street intersection
  • Collins Street, at the Elizabeth street intersection, turning left in to the bus mall.
  • Southern Outlet, the left-most  right-turning lane, at the turn off in to Macquarie Street (heading in to the city centre)
  • Molle Street, left lane, going straight ahead at the Macquarie Street intersection
  • Macquarie Street, in the two left lanes, one going straight ahead, and one turning, at the Molle Street intersection
  • Murray Street, in the left hand lane going straight and turning right, at the Macquarie Street intersection
  • Macquarie Street, in the left hand lane, going straight ahead at the Murray Street intersection