Two-wheeled-wonder celebrated on World Bicycle Day

While this week began with International Burger Day on Monday, it is ending on a healthier note with the inaugural World Bicycle Day on Sunday 3 June.

To mark World Bicycle Day, Bicycle Network is launching a range of Tasmanian ride guides, holding a ride in Hobart and running a social media competition.

“The Ride with GPS Bicycle Network rides have been set up to offer useful routes for local and visiting riders to encourage people on to their bikes to get healthy and have some fun,” Public Affairs Advisor, Alison Hetherington said.

“These rides are designed to be about the sights and activities and are mostly on tracks, lanes and quiet roads. You don’t need to have an expensive bike or the latest gear, just something comfortable to wear and an adventurous spirit.

“We’ll be adding more rides to the page in coming months and welcome suggestions. To view the routes visit

“Bicycle Network Tasmania is running a free relaxed mountain bike and hybrid ride on Sunday 3 June on kunanyi/Mount Wellington to mark World Bicycle Day, leaving from the Fern Tree Tavern at 10am sharp, to RSVP visit

“For our World Bike Day competition we are asking people to take a photo of themselves with their bike this Sunday and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram telling us where they are to go into the running for a bike lovers prize pack.

“Use the official tag #WorldBicycleDay and follow online using @Bicycle_Network for Instagram and Twitter or find us on Facebook at /BicycleNetwork.

“The United Nations slated World Bicycle Day earlier this year to acknowledge the bike as the people’s machine – it is not only affordable transportation, but also a means of access to education, healthcare and sport, and has been since 1817.

“The UN recommends that 20% of transport budgets be spent on active transport infrastructure for people walking and riding, in Tasmania it’s estimated at about 1.5%,” Ms Hetherington said.

Media contact: Alison Hetherington – Bicycle Network 8376 8804 M: 0475 817 435 E:

A brief history of the bicycle

1817: Karl Drais invented the Laufmaschine, which then became the Draisine

1864: pedals were added to the front wheel of the bicycle

1870: The Penny Farthing was invented

1890s: Safety bicycle invented, becoming a transport option for women and men

1896: Mulga Bill from Eaglehawk’s Penny Farthing crashed into Dead Man’s Creek

1897: First cycling event at the Olympics

1903: First Tour de France

1970s: The BMX and Mountain Bike first came along

1980s: Alloy frames take over from steel frames, making bicycles lighter and easier to ride

1984: The first ever Great Victorian Bike Ride was held and travelled from Wodonga to Melbourne

1994: Disc brakes first produced

2000s: Modern electric pedelec bicycles mass produced